Superhero Showdown

Superhero Showdown is a website that I created in Databases In Design. This site was created using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL. The function of this site is to choose a member from The Justice League and a member from The Avengers and see who the better hero is.

All of the information about each superhero is located in a database and can be accessed by the different dropdown menus on the site. Each superhero was given a rank of either Rock, Paper, or Scissors based on their abilities from the comic books. Rock for characters who rely on their strength, Paper for the characters who rely on their smarts, and Scissors for the heroes who fight with weapons.

More information about each hero can be found on the "About the Heroes" page of the site. This section allows users to choose any hero featured in the Showdown and learn more about their abilities, and even their secret identity.