No Spills Tray

No Spills Tray


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Date:  December 2019

Class:  Prototyping

Materials:  20" x 10" wood tray, clamps, magnets, clay

Description:  For this project, I had to make a prototype of a product that would help the elderly or their caretakers. I chose to make something that could benefit both: a tray that will prevent spills by holding containers in place and being able to latch on to walkers and stairlifts. My grandmother uses an Acorn stairlift and has spilled her food many times while going up and down the stairs, so my mother often has to bring it up to her. This tray eliminates work for my mother and helps my grandmother carefully transport things from place to place. It was challenging to build something sturdy enough that when clamped onto the stairlift, it does not fall; however, I solved this problem by placing extra support underneath the tray and drilling holes for the clamps. The magnets also provide even more support for the Tupperware so they cannot slide around when being transported.

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