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Shawn Mendes & Ariana Grande
Watercolor Stickers

Date:  May 2019

Client:  RedBubble

Programs:  Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Description:  This project was an independent project that I created for Redbubble, a website that allows artists to share and sell their work for a shared profit. I created these stickers of two famous musicians, Shawn Mendes and Ariana Grande, by drawing them with the pen tool on Adobe Illustrator and painting the watercolor by hand. I scanned the watercolor pieces and used Photoshop to bring it together. Also, I created the typography in the Shawn Mendes sticker. Both stickers have been purchased a few times on the website, and it was a good experience learning how to sell my work. I also learned that some celebrities will probit the use of their face or name in art; therefore, I had to solve this problem by making the stickers outlines of the celebrities and changing the titles so that they can still be successful.

Integrated Skills:
Bus Tech

Surfaces Volkswagen Bus

Date:  June 2020

Client:  RedBubble

Programs:  Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Description:   This sticker is inspired by one of my favorite bands, Surfaces. Surfaces is a band that mixes jazz, pop, reggae, and soul to create perfect songs for relaxing on the beach. I was inspired by their music's carefree vibes and drew a brightly colored Volkswagen Bus to embody how their music sounds. I even included a surfboard strapped to the top. This sticker has been my most popular on Redbubble, making multiple sales a week. Not only has it been sold as a sticker, but also on multiple clothing items!

Rex Orange County
Peach Pit

Rex Orange County, Peach Pit

Date:  August 2020

Client:  RedBubble

Programs:  Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Description:  More band inspired stickers! The bands both have fruit in their names, so I spun off that idea and created the fruit using their names. I wanted to practice a new technique I learned with the font, and I am happy with how these fruity designs turned out.

A Little About Me

Hi! I am Alyssa Matheus, an aspiring graphic designer currently studying at Lebanon Valley College. I will graduate in 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Communications with a concentration in design. My curriculum has included many different courses in six concentrations: design, videography, programming, communications, user experience, and business technology. Having experience in each of these concentrations has shaped me into a well-rounded storyteller and artist.


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