Sea Turtle Conservancy Newsletter

Sea Turtle Conservancy Newsletter


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Date:  April 2019

Class:  Digital Graphic Design

Programs:  Adobe InDesign, Illustrator

Description:  For this newsletter, I chose a non-profit organization that focuses on saving turtles and teaching people about what we can do to help. The PDF shows the document before it was printed, with the pages printing out from fourth to first, and second to third so that it would fold correctly. I drew the turtle illustrations in Adobe Illustrator and laid out the pages in Adobe InDesign. I strived to grab the reader's attention on the front page by allowing them to meet our turtles on the inside of the newsletter and finishing the newsletter with a call to action.

Integrated Skills:
Bus Tech

A Little About Me

Hi! I am Alyssa Matheus, an aspiring graphic designer currently studying at Lebanon Valley College. I will graduate in 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Communications with a concentration in design. My curriculum has included many different courses in six concentrations: design, videography, programming, communications, user experience, and business technology. Having experience in each of these concentrations has shaped me into a well-rounded storyteller and artist.


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